Yusupov Palace Tour and Rasputin Murder

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Exquisite Nobleman's Nest Connected with Intrigues & Crime

Museum Visits: Yusupov Palace

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Yusupov Palace tour will take you to one of those St. Petersburg highlights that always attracts a lot of attention. First of all, the Yusupovs were fabuluosly rich in the days of old Russia. Visitors coming to our city are always interested to see how the top wealthiest Russian family lived. The Yusupov’s favourite mansion on the Moika River shows their excessive life style. Visitors are offered to see the parlours, banquet and reception rooms as well as private rooms and boudoirs, learn about the tastes and habits of the former owners of this magnificent palace.

On the other hand, the visitors are attracted by the mystery, surrounding this palace. The dark force at the crown of the Russian Empire – Rasputin – found his death in the basement rooms of the Yusupov Palace on the Moika. During Yusupov Palace tour visitors can walk through the rooms, where the conspirators cherished their murder plan and to the basement dining room, where the plan was carried out. You will see photos telling about the life of Rasputin and his highest protectors – the last Russian tsars and learn the why and how Rasputin was killed.

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