Russian Folk Show

Price Per Person 69$

Russian Folkloric Singing & Dancing.

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When travelling, one always looks for a way to experience culture and heritage of a different country, one of the ways to do that is trying new cuisine. A national folk show is a great introduction to the culture of the country you are visiting. Russian Folk Show is always a very dynamic and colourful performance. There are several places where you can enjoy traditional Russian singing and dancing, but the best Russian Folkloric show in St. Petersburg is considered “Feel Yourself Russian”, that takes place in the Palace of Grand Duke Nicholas.

The Cossack show called “Bagatitsa” is no less fiery and fascinating. This bright Russian folk show group includes the orchestra, singers (dancing choir) and singing ballet group capable to turn a performance into an acrobatic show. The Cossack show takes place at Smolny Concert Hall.

Traditional Russian folk dances and singing are performed by different groups and at different venues. For those, who’d like to skip a formal show, a folk performance in a restaurant can be a good option. Such excellent Russian restaurants as Katyusha, Podvorye or Troika have spectacular performances of their regular bands.

For bookings at a short notice the Russian Folk Show is confirmed depending upon the availability of tickets.

to/from Folk Show is not included in the price

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champagne break

refreshments & drinks served in the intermission, yes

show duration

1 h 45 mins


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