Water Square or Seven Bridges Place

water square
Feel the Spirit of St Petersburg

St Petersburg bridges have a great influence on the architectural face of the city. It is even frequently called “the Museum of Bridges”. Numerous bridges, rivers and canals are inseparable from the image of the old part of St. Petersburg itself. This makes the so-called Water Square – a crossroads of two man-made canals a special place, where one can feel the spirit of our city: the city on water with hundreds of bridges crossing waterways.

They say that if all St Petersburg bridges are put in one line, this line will be 11 km long. No wonder: there are over 300 bridges within the city boundaries.

At the point where the Kryukov and Griboyedov Canals intersect visitors can see 7 bridges from one spot, be it from water – if one passes the water square by boat, or from one of the bridges if one walks.

This place enjoys great popularity with artists, photographers and everyone keen on beauty. Surprisingly all the pictures taken at this spot come out well, irrespective be it morning, afternoon, evening or night.

There’s also a legend that if one makes a wish looking at all 7 bridges in turn, the wish will come true.

Pickalov Bridge is the oldest out of all the 7 visible bridges, it dates back to 1780ies, when the Catherine Canal (present name: Griboyedov) was constructed. It is also the only bridges that retained its original form. Th others were reconstructed or destroyed and built up anew throughout over 200 years of their existence.

Water Square or Seven Bridges  Spot might not be the top must-see sight in St. Petersburg, but it will definitely add charm to your tour.

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