Vassily Kandinsky and Russia


November 23, 2016


Vassily Kandinsky and Russia Vassily Kandinsky

Temporary Exhibition of Kandinsky's Works at the Benois Building of the Russian Museum

The State Russian Museum has this brilliant new exhibition on called “Vassily Kandinsky and Russia”. Over 150 pieces on display were chosen for this exhibition from Russia’s top museums, such as the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg), State Russian Museum (St. Petersburg),State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow) and other art collections.

In the beginning of the exhibition I was a bit surprised to see old pieces of traditional Russian folk art. The exhibition info told me about “tracing the origins” but I didn’t really expect to see distaffs. Spindles and embroidered towels. Thus a special emphasis was laid on the connection of Kandinsky’s early works and national origins.

Alongside with the bright colours of the traditional Russian patterns, the atmosphere in the society and prominent contemporary artists couldn’t but influence Kandinsky’s experiments. 50 works by Kandinsky himself on the exhibition are mixed together with paintings by Larionov, Malevich and thers.

I found it fascinating that until the age of 30 Kandinsky pursued a lawyer’s career, and then, after viewing Monet’s paintings, he gave up his promising career and followed his heart calling. The exhibition shows how Kandinsky’s genius found inspiration in various sources: folk arts, Russian symbolist movement, Greek culture, German metaphysics, orthodox spirituality and esotericism – a fiery blend  an artist of the beginning of the 20th century was exposed to.

Kandinsky exhibition is available until December 4. I would highly recommend it to all the visitors to St. Petersburg who happen to be in our city now.