Yusupov palace

Yusupov Palace on the Moika river is both: a fine work of architecture and the evidence showing present-day visitors the excessive style of life of a noble family. The Yusupovs were an ancient noble family who managed to trace their origin down to Prophet Muhammad’s times. They also were extremely rich. The fabulous wealth gave start to rumour and legends. IT was even frequently questioned whether the Yusupovs were richer than the Romanov-tsars themselves. In Russia they owned 50 palaces and estates, 4 of them in St. Petersburg alone. The Yusupovs’ mansion on the Moika river was their favourite home.

The exposition of the palace is divided into several areas, which can be included in your tour, according to the interests:

  • The main exhibition includes the reception rooms, parlours, ball rooms and banquet halls, as well as the former private museum and the exquisite home theatre (which is still an active theatre with regular performances).
  • Rasputin murder site will give an introduction to a totally different topic – political history of Russia, intrigues that the noble family was involved into. Tragic events that became prerequisites of the 1917 revolution.
  • Private rooms and boudoirs show a glimpse of a private, non-parade life of the palace. Besides bedchambers and studies, you will see bathrooms and secret storage rooms for jewellery.
  • Backstage tour of the Yusupov Palace theatre will tell you about cultural life in Russia and show behind the scene life of ballet dancers and singers.


Tours Including Yusupov Palace

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Yusupov Palace

Yusupov Palace and Rasputin Murder

Mysterious mansion on the Moika River. Former home to Russia's top wealthiest family and a murder site.
One tour per group
3 hours