St. Petersburg’s Best Amusement Park: “Divo Ostrov”
Divo Ostrov

We had such a fantastic family day at the amusement park “Divo Ostrov”. We can’t wait to go back for more family fun!

St. Petersburg amusement park

What is Divo Ostrov?

“Divo Ostrov” is literally translated as “Wonder Island”. This St. Petersburg amusement park was founded over 15 years ago. I remember going there in early 2000s (a very young person, no kids). Our friends offered us to check out new roller coasters. Since that time Divo Ostrov has developed into Russia’s best amusement park.

Divo Ostrov Amusement Park

Tickets, Prices and Business Hours

Divo Ostrov amusement park is free to get in – visitors can spend as much time as they would like to in this theme park. NOTE: no scooters, roller-blades or dogs are allowed.

Divo Ostrov works on pay-as-you-go principle, when guests pay for actual rides. The prices for rides vary from 100 roubles up to 500 roubles each depending upon the attraction. Rides for young kids are between 100 and 200 roubles, extreme and most elaborate attractions for grown-ups vary between 350 and 500 roubles per each ride.

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Pay-one-price options are also possible here: a wristband pass for younger kids costs 1300 roubles and provides unlimited admissions to most popular attractions and games. The other options is called “universal wristband”. It costs 2200 roubles and includes extreme attractions that would be more interesting for teenagers and grown-ups. When considering such  pay-one-price format passes, check the list of rides they offer access to: some attractions are not included in the admission charge.

Divo Ostrov is open daily from 12:00 till 23:00, on Saturdays and Sundays it has longer working hours: from 11:00 till midnight.

Unfortunately because of the weather in our city, St. Petersburg amusement park doesn’t operate in all year round. As a rule it closes for winter in mid-October, exact day depends upon the weather conditions.

Fun Rides for Younger Kids

Food & Drink

There are a few stalls selling ice-cream, drinks and sweets. There are also several sit-down cafes and restaurants with both indoor and outdoor tables. Just like in any tourist place, prices are higher than usual.

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We bought ice-cream and water from the outdoor vendours, but decided not to stay there for lunch. Around Divo Ostrov outside the amusement park area there are lots of restaurants and cafeterias (practically in every direction). We opted for our favourite “Karl & Friedrich” microbrew. After a couple of hours we returned back and the kids enjoyed more rides. The wristband pass is valid until 8 p.m., and we had difficulty in pulling our kids out at around 7:30 in the evening. Only promises to return helped.

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St. Petersburg Amusement Park in the Family Tour Itinerary

This is a great place for a day out with kids and a good mix to culture crawl through traditional tourist sights, as kids can relax and shake away tiredness and museum dust.

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