St Nicholas Cathedral

St Nicholas Cathedral

St Nicholas Cathedral is the main naval church of St. Petersburg.

This beautiful church in baroque style was built in 1762. Back in the times of Peter the Great a wooden church for sailors of naval regiments was constructed here. The new stone church was built on the orders of Empress Elizabeth in the same location. Architect Chevakinsky, the author of this project, was the Chief architect of the Admiralty and mostly worked on the commissions from the Navy.

Since the time it was consecrated the holy services and processions in St Nicholas church marked every significant event in the Russian Navy.

Simultaneously with the main cathedral construction, a  graceful bell tower was built on the bank of the canal. It was finished a few years earlier than the main church.

St Nicholas Cathedral consists of two churches. The ground floor church was consecrated in the name of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker, who is considered the patron saint of sailors. The first floor church was dedicated to Epiphany. So, the full name is St. Nicholas Epiphany Church.

Unlike majority of  Russian churches it wasn’t closed down after 1917 Revolution. On the contrary, in 1941 it became the main active Russian Orthodox church in Leningrad and received the status of cathedral. It remained the main cathedral of the city until 1999.

Today St Nicholas church is very popular among both: locals and visitors to our city. It also remains the main naval church: in the upper church one will find memorial plates listing the sailors of submarines “Komsomolets” and “Kursk”. Memorial services are regularly conducted here.

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