ProCosmos – Space Exploration Exhibition in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg houses a unique exhibitions dedicated to the history of space exploration “ProCosmos – Space Travel”. Items from numerous Russian space science museums take the viewer to1960s, photos of the first man in space – Yuri Gagarin, sputniks and lunar rovers (mostly represented by smaller replicas and models) remind about space programs of the Soviet Union.

space exploration exhibition

ProCosmos – Space Travel

The exhibition is full of kids – space has always heated kids’ imagination, and I vividly remember my own childhood, when all boys wanted to become spacemen, Today, watching the kids who tried to operate a model Mars rover or plug and unplug things in model extravehicular gloves, I can see the topic of space is still interesting for the young generation. VR-zone was full of kids who wanted to see the sunrise and sunset at the International Space Station, Mars views, spacewalking and travelling across the solar system.

Sergey Korolev and Soviet Space Program

A considerable part of the space exploration exhibition is dedicated to Sergey Korolev and his works. Korolev, a rocket engineer was considered the founder of the Soviet Union Space program. He gave the world the first sputnik – artificial satellite, the first man-carrying spacecraft “Vostok-1” (as well as developed spacecrafts “Vostok”, the last being “Vostok-6”) and worked on the project of “Soyuz”.

Under the political pressure “to beat Americans on the Moon” and make the Soviet Union the world’s top space-faring nation, Sergey Korolev worked on the giant N1 Moon rocket and prepared a lunar station model, which can be seen at the ProCosmos exhibition too. Even now this model, created in 1960s looks like science fiction. Although Elon Musk is doing his best to ramp up space exploration nowadays.

ProCosmos Space Exploration Exhibition: Visitor Information

The exhibition will be on till early May. If you plan your visit in spring – don’t miss a chance to see it.

The opening hours are: Mon – Fri from 10:00 till 21:00, Sat – Sun from 10:00 till 20:00.

Prices for the entrance tickets vary depending upon work days or weekend: Mon – Fri adult tickets cost 500 RUB pp, for kids of 7 – 14 y.o. tickets are 350 RUB pp. Sat – Sun adult tickets are 600 RUB pp and kids’ tickets are 400 RUB pp. Kids under 6 y.o. have free admission.

There’s a special offer at the moment: our family of 4 paid for adults only, the kids went free of charge as on work days each adult coming with a kid pays only for the adult ticket.

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