Fall Foliage in St. Petersburg Parks and Gardens


October 08, 2016


“The Golden Autumn” – this is how we, locals, call the period of fall foliage. It is especially picturesque in the beautiful St. Petersburg parks and gardens. I noticed one thing for myself: I can’t get beautiful fall pictures if I am stressed and on the run. I really need to take time, forget about all the troubles, all the hurry and just live through every moment, every fallen leave and autumn sun ray, every puddle splashed by my kids.

The Summer Garden


The famous Summer garden is the oldest among St. Petersburg parks and gardens. Peter the Great used it for his open-air parties and had fountains, arbours, sculpture and well-trimmed bushes and trees along symmetrically laid lanes and paths there. Lovely red, orange and yellow colours get especially dramatic in this refuge from the stone jungle of the city centre.




 Academic Garden and Rumyantsev Garden


During your city tour take 10-15 minutes to shuffle through the fallen leaves looking for acorns in these green spots located next to each other on Vassilievsky Island



Mikhailovsky Garden


Squeezed between the Moika river, the Russian Museum and Church on the Blood, Mikhailovsky garden makes a good mix to museum visits and souvenir shopping. For families with kids the playground in the garden is a great place where kids can give way out to their energy running around, playing, looking for colourful leaves.

Speaking about St. Petersburg parks, one can’t but mention the necklace of suburban palaces.


Peterhof fountain parks


Peterhof palace and park ensemble stands out among the other countryside residences of the tsars. The abundance of fountains and cascades make the parks special and vivid fall colours make the parks extraordinary.

st petersburg parks peterhof peterhof-autumn-2016 peterhof-park



 Catherine Palace Parks


Another must-visit environ of St. Petersburg is the Catherine Palace and park ensemble in Tsarskoye Selo. If your itinerary includes the Catherine Palace and Amber room, do take a stroll through the parks too. If your time for this museum complex is limited, it is worthwhile to go up to the Cameron gallery – this promenade place of Catherine the Great provides stunning views of all the gardens.



Pavlovsk Parks


Pavlovsk Paace is set in an extensive seemingly natural landscape park, embellished with ponds, pavilions, romantic ruins and sculpture. The Pavlovsk Parks are a delight to explore and picnic in.