St. Petersburg Festival of Light


November 03, 2016


St. Isaac’s Square, November 4-5, 8 p.m.


St. Petersburg is not only the cultural capital of Russia and the city of 200 museums, it’s one of the world leaders in light design. Petersburg Festival of Light and light shows attract thousands of guests and citizens of the Venice of the North. St. Petersburg annual light shows employ the latest technologies. For the first time St. Petersburg Festival of Light took place this spring, the venue of it was Ostrovsky Square in the heart of the city. For the November Petersburg Festival of Light St. Isaac’s Square was chosen. St. Isaac’s Square is one of the three most famous Squares of our city, a perfect venue for a special event.

St. Isaac’s Square

St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace and the whole surrounding area becomes the stage for the fantastic multi-coloured 3D illusions. This time 3D mapping for St. Petersburg Festival of Light breaks the records of height: the 101,5 meter high dome of St. Isaac’s Cathedral is the focal point of the festival.

St. Petersburg Festival of Light


Petersburg Festival of Light in November 2016


This time the guests of St. Petersburg are offered not a simple light show, but a multimedia performance dedicated to the history and legends of St. Petersburg. The show covers most significant pages of the history of Russia’s most famous city from the foundation of St. Petersburg and Peter the Great through the Golden Age of Catherine the Great, the 19th century, Alexander 1 and Liberation of Serfs by Alexander II, October Revolution of 1917, the Siege of Leningrad in WWII and up to the present day Russia.

November 3, 2016