St Petersburg on Lockdown

St Petersburg on Lockdown

During the last few days some changes happened in Russia. First and foremost: after the President’s speech with a stay-at-home recommendation, the governor has put St Petersburg on lockdown: bars and restaurants, beauty salons and fitness centres are closed for 1 full week. Museums and theatres had already closed down previously and switched to the mode of on-line broadcasts and 3D tours (see my previous post)

Moscow is struggling hard to stop the coming of outburst, but still the capital has the largest number of COVID-19 cases in our country.

As far as the numbers go, over the last couple of days they have grown considerably: there are 1264 cases total, deaths: 7, 49 people recovered. The majority of cases are in Moscow and Moscow region (902 cases as for March 28). St Petersburg has 37 cases that tested positive. 62 regions of our country are affected so far.

This is very little compared to what is going on everywhere in the world. Russia indeed had a leg-up, the precious time to prepare and take precautions. We’ll see if this leg-up was used well.

At the same time, small numbers cause the fact that many people aren’t taking the coronavirus danger seriously. Despite everything they try to go on with their lives. They go on picnics, attend church services and complain that nightclubs are closed.

You will probably be surprised, but some people take the 1 week of lockdown as an additional vacation. I had a call from a couple who’ve come to visit St Petersburg and wanted me to arrange a city tour for them. Well, I gave them recommendations on what they can see on their own and which districts are beautiful to walk. St Petersburg on lockdown is no fun.

There’s no fine for going out yet. But there’s a new law implying criminal liability for violation of disease control and prevention regulations.

In conclusion I’d like to say that the coronavirus can’t be forever. Stay safe, protect your family. I will keep you posted from St Petersburg on lockdown.

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