Ice Sculptures Festival in St. Petersburg Declares Round the World Journey
Ice sculpture festival

Peter and Paul Fortress in winter looks like a model town decorated with snow and lights. Winter life is mostly indoors, so from outside it looks sleeping. But this impression is misleading: the museum is full of educational and entertainment events. A huge tent covered with snow on the grounds of Naryshkin Bastion also looks somewhat quiet and sleepy from the outside. Who can ever guess it hides a dazzling collection of ice sculptures inside!

Ice Fantasy 2019

Ice Sculptures Festival in St. Petersburg

Ice sculptures festival in St. Petersburg traditionally takes place at the Peter and Paul Fortress and is called “Ice Fantasy”. This year it is dedicated to travelling and different continents and countries.

The gigantic refrigerator-tent opened its doors to the crowd a few days earlier than usual – on December 21 visitors could already enjoy the exhibition.

Annually over 30 sculptors working with ice take part in the Ice Fantasy. This year awardees and prizewinners of various International competitions in Belgium, France, China and other countries came to create their fragile masterpieces.

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Raised bridge

Ice Fantasy– 2019

This year the host of the festival chose a theme dedicated to travelling – “Round the World Journey”. The viewers can see architecture, symbols, representative flora and fauna of each and every continent. Besides, amazing underwater world of oceans is reflected in ice.



You’ll be whisked away into the fairytale and travel through the hot jungle of South America, eternal frosts of the Antarctic and magic of Egyptian pyramids, see Venetian gondoliers, reindeer of the Polar circle, Indian tribal symbols, ice anaconda from the Amazon Rivel banks.

Ice Venice
Ice Jungle
Ice sculptures festival

There’s a special treat for locals: a huge tall ship with scarlet sails decorates St. Petersburg part of the exhibition, symbolizing the dreams that will certainly come true in 2019.

Ice tall ship with scarlet sales

Ice Sculptures Festival Admission Fees and Opening Hours

Ice Festival will be on till February 10, 2019. It’s open daily 10:00-22:00. Price: 470 roubles per person.

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Ice sculpture dragon
Ice sculptures
Holliwood in ice

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