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Hermitage museum complex

Hermitage museum, located in 6 buildings at the very heart of St Petersburg, in most cases is certainly the first of the list “To see in St Petersburg”. This is one of the world’s greatest and biggest art collections, including Old Masters (Da Vinchi, Rafael, Rembrandt, Rubens and many more) and Impressionists; antique statues and Egyptian mummy; art objects from most of the world’ regions ranging from Byzantine to Japan; gold of the Russian Tzars and their splendid gala rooms. Besides that Hermitage is the world renowned research and conservation center, taking very active part in all world art events. Out of 3 000 000 objects there is no doubt something worthy of interest for every visitor. Most of the Hermitage highlights are exhibited in the sumptuous interiors of the main Imperial palaces of Russia, making your experience at the Hermitage unforgettable.

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