The listed price is the price you pay. Including tax. We do not charge any fuel surcharges. In case there are any extra fees, it is shown in the line “Extras” of each tour description.

Please contact us to get the latest information on your desired trip.

Yes. Since we make museum arrangements and such in advance (so that you do not have to waste your presious tour time in lines for museum entrance tickets) and some of them are non-refundable, we require a 10% deposit if you book day tours with us.

If you book a tour package that involves hotels in St. Petersburg and/or other Russian cities, we require a 60% deposit for your tour.

No. Unfortunately, in Russia there’s no law that would allow us to withdraw the gratuity from the business bank account and give it to the employees as tips, so cannot be possibly included in the bill and should be paid in cash. Besides, there’s no strickt rule on how much you tip. On average guides are tipped 10% and drivers are given 5% of the tour cost. It is better to tip your guide and driver separately. If you have tours in multiple cities/towns, you will need to tip the guides and drivers in each place separately.