What is a Tour Ticket and how do I receive it?

Since cruise passengers do not have to have regular tourist visas to Russia if they book their shore excursions with a licenced tour operator, the passport control in St. Petersburg will ask for the confirmation that your tour is booked with such a tour operator. In other words, you will need to show your tickets for tours in St. Petersburg. Such a tour ticket has to contain:

  •  information on the local tour company, providing the shore excursion;

  •  passport information of the customer;

  •  tour name and start time.

Such tour tickets are frequently referred to as “cruise passenger visas” or “blanket visas” or “visa waiver”.

To obtain such tour tickets for your visa-free shore excursions, you will need to book a tour with “I Love Travel St. Petersburg” (as official shore-excursion provider) and submit the following passport details to us:

  1. Your full names (exactly as they appear in your passports);

  2. Your citizenship;

  3. Your passport number;

  4. Your date of birth (exactly as it appears in your passport, same format);

  5.  Dates in St. Petersburg.

As soon as the tour is booked and we have your passport details, we’ll have tour tickets issued and e-mailed to you. You will need to print them out and have them together with your passports for the passport control in St. Petersburg.

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