Grand Layout “All Russia” is a relatively young museum showing Russia in miniature, but it’s already gained such a popularity that it’s difficult to picture St. Petersburg without it. Probably everyone knows such a popular hobby as scale modeling. Somebody remembers when he as a kid was keen on cars, tanks or trains. My husband

St. Petersburg, the former capital of Imperial Russia, boasts numerous splendid palaces that used to belong to the Romanov tsars and gorgeous mansions of the former nobility. The Romanovs, being autocratic monarchs, had a habit of spending winter time and summers in different residences. Their Winter Palace is part of the world-famous Hermitage museum. The

We have our family tradition: it’s called “Sunday museum”. On Sundays our family visits a museum or an exhibition. As a rule, we choose something that our kids would enjoy, and as a rule we all find such family trips wonderfully interesting. Our plan for this morning was a Doll Museum visit. The exhibition opens